We are back

When we set up Think Peace online, we envisioned ourselves as a small independent peace group that would concentrate on its relevant message of the week based on the group’s analysis of international developments and thus did not think that we would get too much attention or have adversaries who would want to hack us.

Along the way, our site was hacked a number of times, by simple hackers – seeking to push various political messages.

However, in 2014 at a time when the site was far less active – as we were concentrating on the same work elsewhere – it was “hacked hugely”.

It has taken a long time for us to overcome this, partly also as we have continued with our work.

Now – thanks to the great work of Jens and Navin – we are back, perhaps at a time when our presence here will be more necessary.

We shall continue to work for peace, against violence and “humanitarian intervention” in pursuit of profit which has wreaked havoc in the Middle East and elsewhere by forcing many to leave their homes. We shall continue to stress facts and expertise over made up narratives.

And we thank you for continuing to walk with us on this path.

Team Think Peace

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