Hama Massacre: At Least 140 Killed in Syrian Tank Offensive

Yet history certainly isn’t on their side. The protest movement started five months ago now, with only a few hundred people in Daraa. Violent crackdowns brought a few hundred to a few thousand, and more crackdowns eventually swelled their numbers to upwards of a million demonstrators. Violence clearly isn’t placating the crowds, but it seems to be all the regime has to rely on. Read More

Tunisia: A Moment of Destiny for the Tunisian People and Beyond?

The most famous of Tunisian poets, Abolkacim Ashabi, once wrote a famous poem that we all learned in school across the Arab world. Its best-known verse reads: “If the people one day decide to live, fate must answer and the chains must break.” Bouazizi’s martyrdom may have triggered a popular revival, many now believe, which will ensure that it is only a matter of time before Ashabi’s prophecy is fulfilled. Read More