Extension of Iran nuke Talks is Win for the US

We have reached a watershed moment for U.S. policy in the Middle East. Some in Washington continue to play politics with good policy, but for the American people, this is a no-brainer: work the diplomatic process or get into another bloody and expensive war in the Middle East? Put boots on the ground (again) or keep nuclear inspectors in Iran?

Diplomacy has already reaped benefits: it has increased U.S. security while avoiding another war. Read More

Iran’s Message: We Can Make History

Iran nuclear negotiations resume in Vienna
leading up to the July 20 deadline. In the next three weeks, we have a unique opportunity to make history: To forge a comprehensive agreement over Iran’s nuclear energy program; and to end an unnecessary crisis that has distracted us from addressing together our common challenges, such as the horrifying events of past few weeks in Iraq. Read More