Humanitarian Intervention must be based on “humane” intentions

Humanitarian intervention presupposes a developed system of beliefs where the rights of men and women primarily determine our actions; one in which decisions are made collectively and not based on narrow group interests.

Yet US foreign policy has always been based not on the rights of all “men”, but on the interests of those who have been wise or lucky enough to reach “this new promised land”… Read More

The Spring of our Contempt

Perhaps like many, I can form few coherent sentences these days; can find few well chosen words. All within me is in doubt, saturated in various feelings, darkened by anger, muddied by regret, clouded over by uncertainty . All within me is fragmented – lying about in bits and pieces, reflecting Baghdad and other populated areas in Iraq, reflecting the United Nations , its Security Council and various peace keeping bodies, reflecting International Relations and its developing laws and new order which have been blasted into the air, reflecting our own morality and humane beliefs that are tormenting us with their questions more and more as each day proceeds. Read More