Syria: Live and in Colour

In mid-January 1991 the UN-authorized offensive against Iraq began and we stayed up at night to watch a country being bombarded – live and in colour on CNN.

On 09.10.2019, “we” are watching Turkey launch military operations against Kurds in Syria, live and in colour – on France 24.

We are all for pulling out of endless wars; but there is a far better way of doing it than abandoning your allies and leaving them to perish, almost overnight.

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Petition: Call Against a New War in the Middle East

Drums of a war are beating loudly again, in the Middle East. On one side stands the military power of USA and its regional allies; on the other, the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Escalating tensions could, in the worst- case scenario, —intentionally or unintentionally —, spark a new war in the region. The undersigned wish to bring a call against the imminent war and appeal to the conflict parties to return to negotiating table. Please consider signing.

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NEGOTIATIONS WITH IRAN HAVE BEEN EXTENDED, Please Consider Signing this Petition

President Obama has made it clear over and over again the increasing sanctions on Iran during the negotiations will undermine diplomacy and take us down the path to war. Over the next few days representatives in Congress will be looking at legislation to increase sanctions – we need to let them know now that they must stand with the President and support diplomacy. Will you add your name to the petition on the left? Read More