Mounting Threats Against Jews Leave Security Expert Baffled and Concerned

“In the past 45 days,” Goldenberg said, “there have been 190 incidents against Jews and Jewish institutions throughout the United States. This is unprecedented, we don’t know how to explain it, and, frankly, I’m worried.”

Marc Gopin : We Jews are going to start dying soon, 190 attacks, all thanks to the deal with the devil made by the Republican Party and its voting base. And so far only the Muslim community seems to be defending us. I wonder where the evangelical community is that loves Jews so much? I wonder why they are not in the cemetery? I wonder where all the conservative churches are that call themselves Zionist. All those solidarity trips to Israel…

So let me get this straight. The ones that the organized Jewish community and the right wing Israeli governments worshipped and lauded for “standing by Israel”, they are MIA when we really need them, when violence is befalling us from Nazis. But the Muslim community that in principle opposed unjust policies to fellow Muslims in Israel, reviled by the Jewish establishment and by the right-wing Israeli government, they are in the dirt cleaning up our graves. Interesting. It really redefines completely anti semitism, when our fellow semites are standing for us in our time of need.