The origins of Think Peace

Our initiative



In the year 2003 – very much into the information age, long after realisation of the dangers of expanded conflict in the nuclear age and in the aftermath of 9/11 which taught us to fear for our own humanity and the outcome of our fragmented policies – our generation is once again involved in war, without the considerable majority understanding why or how it came about, and without having had the means or collective power to prevent it.


Thus, many look on , scared , overwhelmed and feeling powerless to prevent international laws being side-stepped and the lessons of diplomacy as also the gains of our developed system of values being ignored. This although, we should expect more of ourselves, of our abilities and of our elected representatives – to react to reactionaries wisely and in such a way to ensure our best interests. This is the tragedy of our time – and at the same time – our chance to learn from pain, and to go further in our development.


The Think Peace initiative seeks to learn from this pain , while also gaining hope and strength from the reawakening peace movement and the global anti-war demonstrations, to act on re-interesting the public and particularly the young generation in politics, in seeking varied and alternative information, in engaging in dialogue with one another and with specialists, in grass roots democracy , making informed opinions and in acting on these opinions in a majority oriented, unified and cohesive manner. We envision to bring politics back to the people and to free them – and with it ourselves – from the “disillusion” that the decisions to be made are too intricate or complex for us to be truly and really involved in.


In this, we wish to stress the two elements of Thought and Peace by our actions and community decisions. We “will” put Peaceful intention before limited power and empower ourselves to enforce this will on our national and international politics. We want to connect issues and peoples, history and the present and the teachings of Arts, Sciences and Religions with our actions. We desire to promote cohesiveness, connection, communication and co-operation. We strive to build confidence in our humanist beliefs and in our opinions and developing international mechanisms and bodies, by furthering knowledge and bringing about change.


Our initiative shall use:


¨      Meetings, internet chat rooms, sites, and town hall gatherings

¨      All aspects of the media and electronic media

¨      Discussion groups involving specialists in various fields related to international relations, conflict resolution and confidence building and with the general public – each of whom has the vote and must have the knowledge to use it in their own best interest

¨      Actions and initiatives of all kind to bring attention to and involve, to encourage and to empower


in the pursuit of:


¨      Giving consequence to general Humanist Principles and Values, which in their core are part of every religion, belief and social endeavour

¨      Supporting the place of international law and the role and functionality of international organisations such as the UN and its organs, the world-wide expansion of the OSCE process and a greater role for NGOs and other internationally active bodies which each represent the views and interests of large groups of people

¨      Reviewing diplomatic history, and particularly shedding light on recent events, their causes and effects as also lessons which may be learned

¨      Implementing methods of conflict resolution and building confidence in various sectors and spheres – among them political, economic and cultural fields

¨      Reflecting on the economic make-up of the world and on the social and political effects of poverty and underdevelopment


We have no direct goal, “only”:


¨      True and freer exchange of information

¨      Confidence in the social role of the thinking self and Empowerment

¨      Greater reliance on the non-biased opinions of experts

¨      Cultural diversity and the promotion of the Arts and the mind

¨      Of the endeavour for Peace, cooperation and justice to determine our efforts

¨      Thought proceeding decision and leading into action

¨      Extension of democracy and the greater involvement of the majority


We wish to Think – and think ourselves better off living among those who do – and we want to act in striving for peace, coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflicts – while going on to seek the initiative to bring these together and have their effect felt on our politics, on how we live, on our present – and future.


Join us, write for this site, share your ideas, start an action in your area or propose a step which we may take together or…… the possibilities are endless when together, we seek the initiative and Think Peace!

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