Change in Iran is upon us…

And it came about after the efforts of perhaps hundreds of thousand activists and resistance of millions of citizens over a period of four years forced a small group seeking absolute rule, to count the people’s votes and recognize their power. V

People through their choice showed that they do not like the domestic and foreign policies since 2005. Those policies have led to sanctions, creating a critical situation not even seen during the dark days of the 1980s Iran-Iraq War.

By voting for Rouhani, Iranians showed that they want to improve Iran’s position and stature not just at home but also at the international level.

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In Solidarity with “Mir Hossein” (Mousavi)  outside of the Academy of Arts, June 15th 2013

Tens of thousands of Iranians are celebrating their next president – Hassan Rouhani. The moderate cleric who is backed by reformists, overwhelmingly beat his hardline rivals – securing just over 50 percent of the vote and so avoiding the need for a run-off. Al Jazeera’s Soraya Lennie reports from Tehran.





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