Voices: Palestinian UN vote

The UN General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as a non-member observer state.



Edgar Stiris, Israeli in Haifa



Despite what our government might think, this is a step forward, not a step backward.


The biggest significance of this vote is the recognition from the whole world that there is such thing as a Palestinian entity and that its people live under great injustice.


Unfortunately, this also means the deepening of the Israeli diplomatic isolation and the last thing Israel needs right now is to be isolated.





Moe Masri, Palestinian in Jerusalem



We are so happy to finally get something. This is the start of the Palestinian state. We are happy because there are 138 countries who believe in us, who believe in the two-state solution.


I’d like to thank all those countries for supporting us.

I have lots of Israeli friends who stand for the same thing, just like us. But I am not sure about their government.

I’d like to ask them, and all those countries who voted against the move: why? Do you not believe in peace? We gave up 78% of our land. We gave up something. Should we not get something in return?






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