Think Peace; Green Chance!

We hope to hug this earth one day, by giving back what we have received in empathy and hope!



At the end of this decade , I wish to write once more for Think Peace, which for so many years has given me so much energy;  and yet my mind is all Green!


Although, Think Peace too is a Green site, for it is about thought and peace as well as the present and future of our common earth. (Do you remember Navin that we sat in a plane en-route to Tehran 7 years ago,   and thought  of Green Peace and after a while came up with Think Peace?! )


And yet I do not wish to mix this green with that other Green that is at this time so all-consuming for me and so many others.


One day, I hope I can bring all these Greens together and introduce you to each other. You will like one another, I am sure.


When Time Magazine , noted that this year marks “the end of the decade from hell”, I thought “Oh right, the Bush-Cheney decade”, which for the last five years has for me been the Bush-Cheney + Ahmadinejad hell! Add to that the terrible mistake and crime of the war on Iraq and the many false decisions made in Afghanistan, as well as B-liar, Berlusconi, Putin etc… and I think, how resilient we have been to survive it all!


And yet personally ,this decade was for me a beautiful one. I grew, and learned, loved and made friends worth being friends with – and the best part of all, came in the last six months of this decade, when we went people power Green. And yet I will not tell you of that here and now; but soon.


What I wish to share with you now, is a brief medley of thoughts, which I do not have time or patience enough to articulate too well. Bear with me and if possible – and feel my sincerity.


YOU, made me come through this decade from hell. For this , I thank you all and wish you the best in all you want and wish to achieve.


I am very glad that  the Obama administration is in power in the U.S. and am even pleased that Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. But I did no like his acceptance speech and do not agree with some parts of it.


Yet , as pleased as I am with Obama’s presence on the political stage, I note that we must go beyond that to inform and mobilize. A people’s movement of awareness and courage is yet another matter .


It is heartbreaking that we end the year with little results in Copenhagen , and yet it is honest. We are paying for many mistakes made in the past that we wish to ignore and try to have others pay for. Next, year, we shall try all over again, mobilized and with more honesty and understanding.


I am disappointed on the stance on Afghanistan, but not just with Obama’s. I wish that some of  us who criticize his decision have the guts to say loud what we need in Afghanistan; namely development,  jobs and a perspective for the people.


But more than anything, I thank you all for your solidarity with the Green movement in Iran. There are no words for what I feel when saying this. So many of us have felt and continue to feel your good wishes , that all we can say at this time is :  THANK YOU.


What we say to one another – even those who have never been to Iran and are of other nations,   working day and night for this cause is :“hug you in Iran”; in a Green Iran.


We hope to hug this earth one day, by giving back what we have received in empathy and hope!


And for this new decade , we wish us all awareness, hope  and courage.


Happy Holidays, A joyous and determined begin to 2010.





P.S. Please watch Kermit; he knows!




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