CCR Releases New White Paper: ”Amend the War Powers Resolution”

An end to the senseless war and occupation of Iraq is long overdue.

March 2009 marked the 6th anniversary of the illegal war and occupation of Iraq, resulting in the occupation, devastation, destruction and the loss of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, American and other human lives. An end to the senseless war and occupation of Iraq is long overdue.

As part of its 100 Days campaign, CCR has released “Amend the War Powers Resolution,” a white paper addressing the problem of presidential war-making at its core. The paper provides an overview of executive abuse of war-making power and calls for the restoration of checks and balances. It also calls for a revision of the War Powers Resolution to prohibit all executive acts of war without Congressional authorization and an end to the illegal wars launched by the Bush administration. Click here to download the new paper from CCR’s website.

Six years is far too long for any war, much less an illegal one. Read the white paper, send it to legislators and use it in your work to achieve justice.

Ending the abuse of executive war-making is a critical step towards restoring the constitution and the rule of law. Congressional repeal of the Authorization of Use of Military Force in Iraq is also critical to the future of Iraq. Write today and ask Congress to repeal the AUMF for Iraq and rein in executive war-making power by amending the War Powers Resolution.

Join us as we fight to restore our democratic system of checks and balances and prevent future illegal wars.


Vincent Warren
Executive Director

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