Iraq Action Camp

Washington, D.C. , June 10-14.

As the Iraq War rages into its fifth year, more than 3,200 American soldiers are dead and more than 24,000 have been wounded. While the American public overwhelmingly supports bringing the troops home, many in Congress refuse to hear this message.

In response, Campus Progress Action and MoveOn Civic Action are sponsoring the Iraq Action Camp, an opportunity for students from across the country to travel to Washington, D.C., discuss the issues with activists and experts, learn valuable organizing skills, and tell Congress, face to face, that supporting the troops means bringing them home.

The final day of the camp will focus on using the skills and knowledge you have acquired to design a strategic campaign to take back to your campus in the fall. All students who attends will be encouraged to apply for action grants to support their campaign, and the two best campaign designers will be awarded a $1,500 action grant for Iraq organizing on their campuses and in their communities.

There is no cost to attend, but the camp will fill up quickly, so apply today. Travel scholarships will be available to students, up to $50 per student. This is designed primarily for those who will be travelling by car, and obviously, this money will go further if multiple students drive together.

Apply Now.

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