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Alexandra Barth

is a systemic coach with competencies in mediation as well as a NLP practitioner. After working 9 years for L'OREAL today she manages the central marketing and communication segment of a leading international E-Commerce firm. Alexandra's coaching focus lies in the development of personal strength, successful communication, as well as conflict and change management for individual excellence.

alexandra (dot) barth (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Annika Carlson

is a graduate psychologist and systemic coach. Her focus is on clarifying and establishing a life balance taking into account all one's current and real life circumstances - together with constructive and supportive, sustainable change processes. For Annika, appreciation and recognition are at the center of each coaching interaction.

annika (dot) carlson (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Timo Friesland

started his own company after studying economics and psychology and completed two coaching certifications. Timo fights for a social and happy society in which everyone can act according to their productive potential.

timo (dot) friesland (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Gesa Miczaika

completed her studies in Business Administration and obtained a PhD in Economics. After a number of years at different consulting companies, Gesa was the first employee at Blacklane, a startup. She helped grow the company into a global player by building and leading multiple teams. Gesa is now specialized in executive coaching. She wants to help her clients unfold their competence as a manager.

gesa (dot) miczaika (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Thomas-Navin Lal

has worked since 2006 as a coach, trainer and consultant. Navin holds a doctorate from the Max-Planck-Institute in the field of brain research and was active in several consulting companies, most recently as a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group. Navin is passionate about people and is only satisfied when his clients are doing well.

navin (dot) lal (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Cristina Muderlak

is a licensed speech therapist, voice and communication coach and psychological organization consultant. Within MtG she focusses on presentation and communication training. One of her main strength are her 1-on-1 coachings within training settings.

cristina (dot) muderlak (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Katja Vyval

supports the MtG team in their daily work with great joy and absolute dedication.

katja (dot) vyval (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Christian Piepenbrock

has repeatedly founded successful enterprises since finishing his studies at Berlin and Harvard. He has been a part of almost all aspects of enterprise growth - including a successful IPO. His focus in coaching is particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, team and personal development.

christian (dot) piepenbrock (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Britta Rafoth

has worked since 1998 as a freelance trainer, consultant and systemic coach. As a psychologist Britta has a very good sense of underlying issues and has a wide range of methodological competence. Britta's favorite place is out in nature, which is also her preferred workplace.

britta (dot) rafoth (at) mindthegap (dot) org

Ulrich Schlattmann

has worked since 2006 as a coach, trainer and consultant. Ulrich holds a doctorate from the University of Cologne and worked 9 years at BCG as a consultant, coach and trainer. Today, he lives and works in Berlin. Besides his interest in helping organizations to improve their culture Ulrich trains consultants in soft and hard skills and gives individual coachings.

ulrich (dot) schlattmann (at) mindthegap (dot) org