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The seminar was great. Totally effective. We would be happy to participate again!

Employee from mantro.net GmbH

Our group is finally working again in a targeted manner.

Christoph Pietzsch, CEO, PL Gutscheinsysteme GmbH

Great content, personally and professionally very valuable. A follow up seminar would be fantastic.

Participant in DiSC Seminar, Munich

The mix of sport and business coaching worked brilliantly.

David Küpper, Projekt Leader Boston Consulting Group

Very good training seminar, well constructed and the trainer knowledgeable.

Employee from mantro.net GmbH

Very good real world examples with industry relevance - a good atmosphere all around - was thrilled.

Participation in project leader training, Munich

I can completely recommend MtG in the area of professional development.

Coaching Clinet, Cologne

My coach was able to get me thinking with the necessary depth about what issues affect me.

Coaching Client, Hamburg

Dr. Lal and Mr. Friesland were able through their tailored approach to increase team satisfaction and performance. We're thankful for the experience and look forward to working together again.

CEO, Automotive, Munich

It is difficult in this unwieldy market to find serious and qualified providers. Our employees and we are very happy to have worked with MtG for coaching and training.

CEO, Financial Services Firm, Frankfurt

MtG was very reliable and professional. Feedback from participants has been positive across the board.

Luis Höffer, CEO, MyBus GmbH

I have worked on several issues. Some sessions were with a coach, others with a psychologist. I liked that multi-faceted approach a lot.

Coaching Client, Berlin

Annika was able with her experience and sensibility to open totally new perspectives.

Coaching Client, Munich