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We were approached by several clients in the last days asking if we could offer our trainings virtual as well. And yes, we deliver almost all training virtually as well. For that we use Zoom or a Virtual Reality Software (Terf). Have a look at our trainings here.

“Mind the Gap!” You shouldn't only be careful when you are stepping between the underground platform and the train. The steps you take in your professional and private life towards your development are also significant. Development for us is the means to transform difficulties and deliver maximum performance. With coaching, training and psychotherapy, we combine proven tools and aid the individual to develop their full potential. For this, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach to provide optimal support of businesses and individuals that make sustainable change possible.

MtG now has its headquarters in Berlin and works with national and international clients.

We offer enterprises a select range of highly effective seminars–from training project managers in team development to high level executive coaching

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As a private individual you can profit from our unique and wide-ranging coaching, which has elements of business and life coaching as well as psychotherapy

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